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Published: 22nd August 2011
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Error-free radiology reports are extremely important for physicians to plan and provide appropriate treatment solutions for their patients. Transcription of radiology testing data is a complex and time-consuming procedure and radiologists might not get the time to complete the documentation tasks on time. Outsourcing these documentation jobs to radiology transcription companies would help radiology practices and imaging centers meet their documentation needs easily. Professional radiology transcription service offered by reputable transcription companies allow busy radiologists to document radiology dictations accurately and get error-free radiology reports in minimum turnaround time.

Maintain Error-free and Organized Radiology Reports

Radiology practices cannot afford inconsistencies and flaws in the diagnostic records. Well-structured radiology transcription service provided by reliable firms would help individual radiologists and radiology practices have easy access to error-free and quality radiology reports. This service enables them to keep updated transcribed records in properly organized and easy-to-use electronic file formats. Radiology transcription services come with the following supplementary benefits:

Reduces bulk paperwork within the practice

Minimizes documentation workload of radiologists

Saves time and effort needed to perform lengthy documentation procedures

Enables easy retrieval of diagnostic reports

Helps save on money that would be otherwise needed to maintain infrastructure, innovative equipment, skilled manpower and resources

Avoids backlogs of diagnostic reports

Improves efficiency and productivity

Professional and Fast Transcription Solutions

Transcription companies that offer radiology transcription service strive to maintain quality and consistency in all their services. Most firms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, excellent software packages, advanced devices and a skilled panel of professionals comprising transcription experts, proofreaders, editors and quality analysts. Their transcriptionists are experienced and have excellent know-how about the various terms in radiology and their abbreviations. They transcribe radiology reports such as DEXA bone density reports, MRI exams, X-ray reports, Computed Tomography (CT) reports, SOAP notes, follow-up notes, patient medical history, evaluation reports and more with proficiency and provide error-free transcripts in quick turnaround time. These transcripts are thoroughly checked for quality and accuracy by the quality control team to further ensure flawless radiology reports.

Service Highlights

Good transcription firms do not limit their responsibility just to delivering professional radiology transcription services. They also provide safe storage for the documents, strictly adhering to the latest HIPAA norms. A reliable radiology transcription company ensures comprehensive benefits such as:

Error-free transcripts with 99% data accuracy

HIPAA compliant transcription solutions

Secure file transfer options: FTP, email and browser based 256 bit AES encryption protocol

Quality assurance at three levels

Feeds for EHR or EPM

Flexible dictation options: digital recorders and toll free number

Rapid turnaround time

Electronic signatures

Affordable pricing : ensures cost savings up to 30 to 40 percent

Assign Your Transcription Jobs to a Reliable Firm

Busy radiologists and radiology practices can streamline their documentation workflow and get error-free radiology reports from efficient radiology transcription service providers. So, radiology practices planning to outsource their documentation tasks should take care to entrust the job to an established medical transcription company. Such a firm would work closely with its clients at each phase of the project right from dictation capture to document distribution and storage, as well as ensure quality solutions at a very competitive price.

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Radiology Transcription Service - MTS Transcription Services (MTS) is a medical transcription company providing health care facilities of all specialties and sizes across the US and Canada with quality medical transcription services.

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